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VABEX TRADE is well-known supplier of technology units (stations); furthermore machine parts manufactured by machining, metallurgical semi-products, castings, forged pieces, and rolled products. These parts are delivered both individually and/or completed into functional assembly/erection units.


A. Basic (project) design

  • 2D drawings – compilation the drawings from basic (project) documentation, 3D models, from physical pieces – drawing compilation and innovations
  • 3D models – compilation based on delivered drawings, schemes, technical documentation, physical pieces

B. Professional detail design and development works

  • basic and detail designing of transport systems and manipulators
  • basic and detail designing in general machinery
  • basic and detail designing of storage systems
  • basic and detail designing of warehouse handling systems
  • gearbox design
  • hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • basic and detail designing of machines and facilities, including installation of electrical parts and control instrumentation

C. Compiling technical documentation

  • end-user instruction manuals
  • assembly schemes
  • risk analysis
  • documentation for approval/permit procedures
  • documentation for marketing purposes
  • procurement scientific/technical translations of accompanying documentation to English, Russian, German and Polish

D. Manufacturing, assembly/erection

  • we are able to procure manufacturing and assembly/erection, based on customer’s requirements
  • we offer professional participation, consultancy in manufacturing, assembly/erection and assembly/erection supervision
  • for work we use very efficient, fully parametrical modeling system, for manufacturing we are capable to handover digital workshop drawings

E. Piece deliveries – special deliveries

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